It’s important to note that I am not the biggest fan of Saved by the Bell. While this isn’t to say that I outright dislike the show, I’ve always found it to be silly, even by 90’s standards.

Of course, keeping in line with my enjoyment of schlock in general as of late, I can now see Saved by the Bell for what it is: a silly, silly show that’s okay to laugh at in hindsight.

Today, I went out into the city of lovely New York to see Bayside: The Musical, a parody that makes fun of everything in the show with a sense of heart. It’s amazing, to say the least. The music was fun. The acting was very good. Everything was referenced, from the tumultuous relationship between Zack and Kelly, to Jessie’s caffeine pill addiction. Hell, I even got a makeshift bottle as a souvenir! (It’s mini-marshmallows, not real pills. Don’t send the authorities to my house for caffeine pill possession or some shit)

Anyway, you might notice the autograph on the bottle itself. That’s because, after the show, my older sister, my younger brother and I got to meet Dustin Diamond. Motherfucking Screech signed my caffeine pill bottle! Dustin made a comment as he was signing, “Wow, you went for the industrial size!” I replied, “Yeah, I’ll crack it open at home and see what trouble I can get into.” He gave a polite chuckle in response before taking a picture with me and my siblings. I shook Dustin’s hand before taking my leave.

I know that Dustin catches a lot of shit but he was honestly pretty cool with us. It’s clear that he likes the SBTB fans and he has taken the show itself as less of a blemish on his life.

Tonight was a good night. I just hope the laugh of Mr. Belding doesn’t haunt my sleep from this point onward.



i just logged in, its everywhere.. Jennifer Lawrence.. i feel sorry for her and all the alleged female celebs whose icloud have been hacked & their priv photos & nudes being leaked. but damn, she is hot as hell. i love her confidence in those poses. (ive seen them, they were all over my dash) but this is wrong & invasion of privacy. what even sucks is she will be asked to apologise & be slut-shamed for it.. when she didnt do anything wrong.. it was her privacy that got disrespected and invaded..